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The Rawe Power Jr. Dragster   |   1965 Chevy II Nova
The Rawe Power Jr. Dragster

The Rawe Power Junior Dragster was sold on February 28, 2004.

A very proud pappa

Dina at Maple Grove, in 2003

Ben at Indy (1996, left)- this is how the dragster looked in our first year of racing, with a high 14 second, stock motor.
Ben at TriState (right)- in 1997 we got paint and a high 10 second motor.

For 1999, we had Talisman Racing back-half the dragster and raise the cage.  It weighed less, it flexed and the driver fit in it, again.

The late Porge, Ben's cat, slinking around under the dragster's removed body.

Ben and Tommy Farrell at Edgewater (May 1, 1999, left)
Ben at Columbus (2000, right)

Photo by Bob "Flash" Martin

.563 x .194 blockzilla motor with a welded tunnel port, a 33 mm Mikuni carb. (bored to 35 mm) and a polar clutch, all built by Talisman Racing.  With driver, the dragster weighs in at about 365 lb.  Its best elpased time is 8.69 sec. and its best speed is 73.6 MPH, both With Dina behind the wheel.  Ben's best with our car was an 8.72 at 73.4 MPH.  With a 3 inch motor borrowed from Talisman Racing, Ben has run an 8.53 at 75 MPH.

Special Thanks to Talisman Racing, Whitefoot Racing, and Dan Whitaker Racing.