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Picture Gallery
2005 Winter Tear-down
Wrecked Truck Pictures
Nova Painting Pictures
2002 Edgewater ET Finals Jr. Team (right); left to right: Keith Queener (3), Keith Kaufhold (1), Max Reis (2), Dina Rawe (5), Brooke Osborne (4) and Shannon Seals (6)

1999 Edgewater ET Finals Jr. Team (left); left to right: Dick Weinle (track owner), Dan Whitaker (3), Ben Rawe (1), and David Sheppherd (2)
2001 Edgewater ET Finals Jr. Team (right); left to right: Max Reis (4), Ben Rohling (5), Alex Reis (3), Ben Rawe (1), Mike Kaufhold (representing his son, Keith (2)), and Dick Weinle

Ben getting Eddie Hill's autograph (left, 1990)
Dina in the Nova (right, 1990)

Mom with her quilting rack.  It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it (2002).

Ben and NovaCain, a Chevy II Nova of the same year, make, and model as Bernie's, which races at Edgewater
(left - 1990, right - 2001)

Competitors in the first junior dragster race at Thorn Hill Dragway (1998)
left to right (picture at left): Nathan Fanning, Ben Rawe, Dan Whitaker, Jerry Marcum, and Stephanie Whitefoot

1999 Team Edgewater for the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League National Championships (left)
Rawe Power Racing in Race World at the 2000 Cavalcade of Customs in the Cincinnati Convention Center (right)

Ben and Ian Baum at Edgewater (left, 2001)
There's nothing like thrashing in the dark; 2000 IHRA Nationals at US 43 Dragway in Ethridge, TN (right)

Ben at the 2000 Buckeye Open at National Trail Raceway (left).
Bernie made it to the semifinals of the parents race (right).

Decorations for the 2000 Drag News Halloween Nationals at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis, MO (left).
Ben Rawe, the TA / D mechanic?  Thanks to the crew of Jarod Dreher's Top Alcohol Dragster for the photo opportunity, and letting me pull out a few spark plugs (right, 2002 NHRA Pontiac Excitement Nationals, Columbus, Ohio).

Close-ups of the drivers (2001) - Ben (left) and Dina (right)

 A little humor (Thanks to Jim Whitaker) - the witch broom's altimeter was a nice touch (2001)

Jr. racers at the 2001 Edgewater racers' banquet; front to back: (left side) Keith Kaufhold, Jim Halverstadt, Max Reis, (right side) Ben Rohling, Alex Reis, Ben Rawe, and Dan Whitaker.

Ben, racing Dad's recently finished (short of a paint job) Chevy II Nova (2002)

Hackey Sack, the pass-time of choice at the the racetrack (2002).

Dad with his drivers (2003)

Ben vs. Kim Rohling, a friend of Rawe Power Racing, in round 3 at Edgewater (2003).  Kim went to her first final and runner-upped that night.  Thanks to Ken Rohling for these two pictures.

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